Colville Place & Crabtree Fields [LONDON, UK]

Location: Colville Place, London, UK  [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Residential, Street, Public Garden
Completion Date: 1766
Visited: 11.06.2013

Walking down bustling Charlotte Street, a small gap in the rows of cafés and bars reveals a quiet residential walkway, lined with modest Georgian dwellings and the personal touches of its residents. The stone flag paving scattered with overflowing plant pots, entices you away from your planned route, down the walkway and into a small tree filled oasis.

The human-scale, old London architecture and lamp-post details all add to the charm of this street. However it is the personal touches made from the residents which really makes it special. I delight in seeing each front door painted its own shade, and the plant pots encroaching out from front doors on to the public space. The need for these residents to have their own place to grow, no matter how small, brings this street to life.

At the end of Colville Place lies Crabtree Fields. A small public park squeezed between buildings, the urban oasis provides a welcoming escape for city dwellers from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here urbanites can be found quietly reading a book and enjoying the tranquil shade beneath the trees. This peaceful retreat was once a barren car park on an open space created by WWII bombing1, until 1985 when local residents campaigned for it to become public gardens2, which it did.

Colville Place walk through



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