Victoria Tower Gardens Playground [LONDON, UK]

Location: Millbank, London, UK  [MAP]
Designer: The Royal Parks Landscape Architect
Project Type: Playground, Public Space
Completion Date: 05.2013
Visited: 11.06.2013

Victoria Tower Garden

Walking past the crossing of Lambeth Bridge and Millbank Road, we carried on walking along the riverside. We climbed the steps to be surprised by indigo and violet flowers, lit by the dusk.

过了Lambeth桥和Millbank 路的路口,我们决定沿着泰晤士河的河岸一直走下去。刚走下台阶,就看到深蓝浅紫的各色小花,星星点点,点亮了黄昏,点亮了台阶下这片幽谧的小园,点亮了一份内心的惊喜。

dance chimes

“Re, Do, Fa, Mi, Sol, La, Si, Do, Da…” a simple, disconnected but wonderful pitch of music draws you in to see what is behind the spiral memorial wall. Ah, the dance chimes! Can not wait to show off my free style dancing skill!


victoria gardens playgroundIMG_2797victioria tower gardens tyre swing

A touch of the water and sand, the texture of the timber boardwalk brought peace to me. They reflected the River Thames and somehow I felt moved by the early summer wind. As a nature play area, these elements encourage children to play in the sand, to feel the water, to climb on the stone and to explore the view which hides behind the wooden trunks. Different height of seating offers choices for different age groups of children and parents.


victoria tower gardens playground tyre swing

As I swung on the tyre, everything became blurred. I imagined the site full of giggling children, although I did enjoy the quiet version of the park!

This natural playground was just finished in May 2013.


© The Secret Garden Atlas, 2013



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