Wardsend Cemetery [SHEFFIELD, UK]

Location: Owlerton, Sheffield, UK  [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Cemetery
Completion Date: 1859
Visited: 22.10.2012
Access: via Livesey Street which runs past St. John’s Church, Penistone Road, just in front of Owlerton Stadium(1). Wardsend Cemetery

In the depth of Sheffield’s Parkwood Springs, hidden beneath the sprawling vegetation is the former Wardsend Cemetery.  The church, that was once responsible for the cemetery, was destroyed in WWII and since then has been left untouched for nature to reclaim. This has resulted in an eerily quiet atmosphere, yet breath-taking landscape, which has transpired from circumstance and not design.

在Sheffield Parkwood Springs的深处,蔓延的植物下掩藏着从前的Wardsend墓地。二战的炮火湮灭了拥有这片墓地的教堂,从那以后,自然之手掌管了这片墓地。于是我们得以在这出奇安静的气氛下,轻轻感叹这非设计之美景。

Wardsend Cemetery Wardsend Cemetery  Wardsend Cemetery

Wardsend CemeteryWardsend Cemetery

(1) www.friendsofwardsendcemetery.btck.co.uk

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