Winthrop Park [ROTHERHAM, UK]

Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK [MAP]
Designer: Various
Project Type: Public Garden
Completion Date: July 2005
Visited: 26.06.2013
Access: Second Lane off Newhall Avenue Wickersley, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 1EE, UK.


Winthrop Park has a special purpose. After a serious illness the founder David, along with his wife decided to create a ‘healing space’. Gardening helped him recover, so he decided to create a therapeutic garden that could help others in need.

It is a garden designed to stimulate all senses. It plays with contrasting colours, shapes and textures.

The beginning of the journey of ‘positive feelings’ starts under a pergola of wisteria and grape vine. From here you can glimpse a statue of a dog and sheep. Inevitably a smile appears.

Winthrop Park

The journey continues along a path, surrounded by small bushes of lavender. I brushed my leg against it and instantly the air was full of it’s relaxing, smoothing smell.

The garden awakes childhood memories, it took me back to when I used to pick daisies for my mother. The wind breezes through the leaves. The only sounds are the birds, the leaves and some whispers. It is so peaceful.

The garden is only surrounded by country side and allotments making it an unique place. The design maximises the space creating a series of opening, surprises and vistas. Different spaces create and trigger different emotions.

And if you feel more curious and playful, a spiral willow path takes you to a reflective mediative area where soon you will be able to write all your wishes.

P1170837 P1170841P1170871

All images ©  2013 Citrusbelladonna

© The Secret Garden Atlas, 2013



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