Flamant Rose Island [DJERBA, TUNISIA]

Location: Flamant Rose Island, Djerba, TUNISIA [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Seasonal Sand Islands
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 15.10.11
Access: Boat


Flamant Rose Islands are seasonal sandy banks with reddy green vegetation contrasting on the white sand and the blue-sky backdrop, all set within the Mediterranean sea. It is only accessible by boat during the summer, so there is no infrastructure or permanent dwellings which adds to its peaceful demeanor.

DSC_0024 DSC_0041

Perhaps the most spectacular place I have visited, providing one of those beautiful surreal moments when the world and I sync and marvel at what is before us.  Flamant Rose Island Flamant Rose Island Flamant Rose Island

This is truly a place to endeavor to reach and explore.

© The Secret Garden Atlas, 2013



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