Padley Gorge River [Grindleford, UK]

Location: Grindleford, UK  [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Nature Reserve, Riverside
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 16.06.2013
Access: Via nearest train station in Grindleford, UK; travel north from train station.

As most Sheffielders and surrounding residents are aware, the outstanding beauty held in Grindleford is absolutely awe-inspiring. And for those who are not familiar with Grindleford it is even more so, for as soon as you step foot upon the trail you can’t help but be reminded of old stories and fairy tales you were told of as a child.

Entrance to Padley Gorge

Large boulders are precariously scattered about with thick, luscious moss covering so much of the surface that the rock is hardly visible.

Padley Gorge Trail

These boulders sit in the side of a moderately steep slope and lend a hand at traversing the path as it ascends towards a lovely green meadow great for picnicking.

However a less traveled part of Padley Gorge is the river that flows through it’s heart. From meadows start downward, you can jump from boulder to boulder, following the water as it splashes down through the tight, steep walls that line its descent.

Padley Gorge River Embankment

Here the boulders are smooth and free from debris as the changing water levels keep the rocks clean from any plant life, however you must be careful as one misplacement can land your foot straight into the icy cold water.

Padley Gorge River Walk 1

Along Padley Gorge River

As the river begins to level out, there are many beautiful resting spots along the way, inaccessible from the trail, allowing for a peaceful nook for rest and relaxation. It is an experience all on its own and brings a new perspective to an old place.

Padley Gorge River Rest

Padley Gorge River Walk

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