The Hobbit Hole and Surroundings [CORNWALL, UK]

Location: Acorn Camping, Luxulyan, Cornwall, UK [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Rural
Completion Date: Various
Visited: 13-16.06.2013
Access: A short drive or cycle from St Austell or Par Train Station to Acorn Camping site.

hobbit hole

Whether you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings or not, it is still very exciting to see and stay in the hobbit hole surrounded by the woods, wildflowers and wildlife. The tranquility and mysteriousness of the nature brings excitement and encourages you to explore more and more. So within a ten minute walk from the hobbit hole, you see and feel this, this and this…

IMG_3130 IMG_3136 IMG_3145 IMG_3159 the hobbit hole IMG_3173

© The Secret Garden Atlas, 2013



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