Location: Pizzi Bianchi, Serrara Fontana, Napoli, Italy  [MAP]
Designer: Nature
Project Type: Natural wonder
Completion Date: unknown
Visited: 26.06.2011
Access: Get off at the bus stop in the neighbourhood of Noia at Serrara Fontana. From here I suggest to ask for Pizzi Bianchi. You should take an asphalt road down hill, pass the secular grape vines and then on a beaten path surrounded by agriculture land.

Intinerario Pizzi Bianchi

Pizzi Bianchi means White Peaks. It is the local name for this unique landscape formation. After a 20 minute walk down hill, you will find yourself at the top of a valley. The drop is in the range of 100m. The rock in this area is mainly made of tuff (tufo), consisting of consolidated volcanic ash ejected during volcanic eruptions. The wind and water have excavated the rock creating these sculptures of different sizes. Some of the Pizzi have hard rocks on the top that haven’t been eroded. This landscape is little know even among the locals. It is changeable, the weather conditions can create or destroy them. Each time I go there I’m still surprised that this brittle formations are still standing.

From the top you can walk down through the valley to the beach of Maronti. Unfortunately it is steep in some places. I haven’t done it but I know that they organise climbing walks down. If you want to go for the adventure take some cords and a helmet. There are rings where you can attach the cord to.

The surrounding areas are cultivated mainly with hundred years old grapes and a variety of tomatoes that needs little water. There are some grottoes where farmers use to store crops and tools.

Pizzi Bianchi

Intinerario Pizzi Bianchi

Intinerario Pizzi Bianchi

Intinerario Pizzi Bianchi

From here you can see S.Angelo and the beach of Maronti.

Intinerario Pizzi Bianchi

Intinerario Pizzi Bianchi

Intinerario Pizzi Bianchi


Intinerario Pizzi Bianchi. Accoppiamento farfalle 

All images ©  Citrusbelladonna, 2011

© The Secret Garden Atlas, 2013



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