Netheredge Market [SHEFFIELD, UK]

Location: Netheredge, Sheffield, UK  [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Local Market, Temporary Event
Completion Date: Ongoing
Visited: 23.06.2013
Access: On foot, head towards Hunters Bar Roundabout, take the exit for Junction Rd, which leads onto Kingfield Rd, take a right onto Union Rd, shortly followed by a left onto Machon Bank Rd. Walk down the road, there should be a Sainsburys on the right, the following road on the right is Netheredge. The ‘road closed’ signs and the crowds of people should give you a clue where to go!

Netheredge Market

Netheredge Market Netheredge Market Netheredge Market Netheredge Market

Sunday morning in Netheredge, the roads are closed, stalls are constructed, traders display their wares, and of course the people flock. For those few hours the roads are crammed, buzzing with liveliness. Food and tasters from the farmers market, craft goodies and knick knacks from the arts stands and community performances to entertain the sunday morning wonderer.

Netheredge Market

DSC_0330Netheredge Market

One resident joins in by opening their beautiful front garden for the crowds to find a cuppa and a sit down.


The bowling green is given over to fun and games for the younger members of the community.

What makes this place so enchanting is the community coming together, people getting together and meeting friends, supporting local produce and the act of rebellion, taking over a usually out of bound space for something at a slower and more rewarding pace.


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