Treffry Viaduct [CORNWALL, UK]

Location: Par, Cornwall, UK [MAP]
Designer: Joseph Austen
Project Type: Industrial Landscape
Completion Date: 18441
Visited: 13.06.13
Access: There is car parking at the bottom of the valley at Ponts Mill which is just off the A390 road at Porcupine, or at the top of the valley just north of the Treffry Viaduct, where there is a junction. There are also many walks to the viaduct from St Blazey village and from Luxulyan railway station on the Newquay branch line.1


On foot to Luxulyan walking along the wooded stream, slowly begins to emerge a stone structure. Its grandeur isn’t fully appreciated until you are up close when this impressive 30m high piece of master engineering is clearly visible. Part of Cornwall’s heritage, it is a brilliant reminder of the industrial revolution.


The viaduct was the brain child of Joseph Austen and assistant William Pease1, to exploit the natural mineral resources of the south west and central Cornwall. After constructing a railway, harbour and a canal a new tramway was designed, which required the viaduct for a dual purpose (both rail and water), high level crossing between Par and Luxulyan, that crossed the Luxulyan Valley. This was an impressive feat considering this was done before the times of locomotives and transport consisted of horse and water power.

ViaductViaduct VIaductThere is access to the top of the viaduct (we didn’t make it due to wet weather), where you can walk across and experience the views over the valley.



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