Coastal Walk View [Brighton, UK]

Location: Near Brighton, UK [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Coastal, Natural Wonder
Completion Date: N/A
Visited: 21.03.2013
Access: Via nearest town Peacehaven, UK; travel down to the seaside via the Undercliff Walk.

There are many things that may draw you to the southern coast of the UK. It may be the sea air, or the tourism destinations such as Brighton. However a less travelled jewel of the south is the Undercliff Walk stretching along the coastline near Brighton.

White Cliff

Here you can take a stroll under the white cliffs facing the seaside from one town to the next as you try to imagine the countries that lay just beyond the waters reach.

Coastal View

The cliffs are a beauty in their own right and many animals and birds call it home. However a true, undiscovered gem is a naturally occurring phenomenon found along the way.

Contrast Beach Full View

Here the white cliff has begun to erode away, causing smooth channels and crevices to line its surface where the tide has done its work. But the beautiful contrast created by the black rocks wedged and scattered in and throughout these spaces is absolutely awe-inspiring. It is a reminder that the most beautiful art is nature herself.

Contrast Beach 1

Contrast Beach 2

Beach View Beach View 1 Beach View 2



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