St Christopher’s Place [LONDON, UK]

Location: St Christopher’s Place, London, UK  [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Small Public Square, Shops
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 11.06.2013
Access: Easy. Take the tube or bus to Oxford Street, then look out for the sphere and golden statue…

St. Christopher’s Place is a quiet haven of shops and restaurants compared to the adjacent chaos of Oxford Street. Hundreds of shoppers hurry past a 1m wide opening on Oxford Street. If it wasn’t for the shining spherical globe that hovers above it you could easily pass by without thinking twice. Squeezing through this secret passage, more floating silver spheres and bunting lead you down a widening vista lined with boutique shops and specialists restaurants.

DSC_0859 DSC_0860 P1060557

Then, tucked away at the end of the alleyway is St Christopher’s Place, a small corner of London alive with the buzz of alfresco dining, pubs and sophisticated shoppers. Increasingly rare to find, free public toilets are also located here below ground, providing a very convenient attraction for the passer-by.



So on a sunny afternoon, sitting in St Christopher’s Place with a cool drink alfresco style just metres away from the busiest shopping street in London, you can feel pretty smug that you found this sophisticated spot.

© The Secret Garden Atlas, 2013


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