Community Gardens [SEVILLE, SPAIN]

Location: Seville, SPAIN [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Community Gardens
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 09.02.12
Access: On foot walk south down Calle San Luis, at the church the road splits into three, take the first left onto Calle Santa Paula and left onto Calle Enladrillada. Here you will see a gateway artfully painted and inside is the garden.

Seville is a beautiful city, known for the oranges, flamenco, tapas and the blistering heat. During summer temperatures can soar to 50oc, locals know to stay inside and often won’t emerge until 10pm for their evening meal. Walking around Seville I noticed a lot of hard surfacing in the landscape, with few or no plants, which is due to the volume of water that would be needed to keep them alive. Vegetated areas are often very formal and from a small pallet of species. After getting used to this new hard landscape it was a pleasant surprise to stubble across Calle Enladrillada. Behind some street art walls is a community garden, full of haphazard vegetation, a pocket of green oasis in the city.

Community GardenCommunity Garden Community Garden Community GardenCommunity Garden Community Garden

The charm of the place it that is has been done by the people for the people. At the entrance was a stone oven in the shape of a friendly turtle, which was in use as the community where having a pizza picnic using the local produce. There was a really friendly, relaxed vibe (not unusual for Seville), with laughter and chattering lingering in the air, but set within such a green productive atmosphere, that was something special.

Community Garden Community Garden

Stepping further in a local library had been established, where you can take a book to read and relax in the space, or swopped and taken away.

Community Garden Community Garden Community Garden Community Garden

The Design is beautiful, recycled objects have been made into furniture.

Community Garden Community Garden

Permiculture is present, palm leaves being turned into shelters.

Community Garden Community Garden Community Garden Community Garden DSC_0199

The homemade element of the garden is really inspirational and encourages you to want to try it out for yourself, subconsciously breading more community garden enthusiasts.

So for a quiet, peaceful place in Seville with plenty of plants head towards Calle Enladrillada.


3 thoughts on “Community Gardens [SEVILLE, SPAIN]

  1. Hello, I’m interested in doing similar projects in Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona). Do you have any information on groups to contact for assistance? Thanks!


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