Chessel’s Court [EDINBURGH, UK]

Location: Chessel’s Court, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, UK  [MAP]
Designer: Archibald Chessel(1)
Project Type: Courtyard, Public Garden
Completion Date: 1748(1)
Visited: 20.07.2013
Access: Just off the Royal Mile near the Scottish Parliament building, Chessel’s Court can be found through a series of four arcades acting as entrance to the site.

Created as open courtyard space for mansion flats in the 1700’s, Chessel’s Court (once known as Chancellor’s Court) is now a delightful, lush and vibrant getaway from the busy street of the Royal Mile(2).





Here you can take a relaxing break on the raised grass platform, perhaps under the shade of a mature tree, or at the edge to admire one of the many beautiful gardens spilling out from residents flats.



Though the space is but a few paces away from the busy street where tourists and shoppers alike shuffle along for some grand sale, the noise deafens as you make your way into the space. The beautifully renovated period buildings stand as a remarkable contrast to the soft green texture of undulating plantings that leak out towards the center.


It truely is the perfect place for a quick snack or to meet with friends when you find yourself in the heart of Edinburgh.





2 thoughts on “Chessel’s Court [EDINBURGH, UK]

  1. The thing I love about Edinburgh the most is all the secret alleyways and courtyards. I have spent hours wondering Edinburghs streets but have never seen this Courtyard. Will be sure to check it out on my next visit! Hope you travels are going well so far.


    • I was pleasantly surprised by all the many closes in Edinburgh. I could only imagine how socially vibrant these places were years ago. I wanted to explore every nook and cranny, but I just didn’t have the time! Travels are going very well, thank you!


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