Traisen River Walk [Traismauer, AUSTRIA]

Location: Traismauer, Austria  [MAP]
Designer: Nature
Project Type: Riverside, Rural
Completion Date: n/a
Visited: 24.07.2013
Access: Access to Traisen River via Route 43 Kremser Straße.

Though ones initial thought of a secret garden may be a highly manicured park hidden deep within the recesses of a neighbourhood or tucked away in a corner from the view of the general public, a secret garden may also be a diamond in the rough, or a gem overlooked by the everyday eye.



Following the Traisen River Walk from the Traismauer bridge northwards, one comes across what at first seems to be a rather normal river edge. The plantings and arrangements are ordinary yet picturesque. and the riverbanks crumble in towards the river here and there from lack of maintenance.


However as you travel farther in towards the untamed borders of the town centre, you come across pockets of life where local towns people enjoy the cool, refreshing embrace of the crystal clear water straight from the river.


Some people have even brought chairs and umbrellas in preparation for all day enjoyment as children run to and fro, playing and splashing water as they enjoy the fresh, invigorating comfort from the unusually hot European summer.

IMAG1912 IMAG1920

So if you’re looking for some local colour, or a refreshing change from the hot summer sun, look no further than the River Walk along the Traisen River.

IMAG1933 IMAG1943



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