Beach Riverside [LISLE, FRANCE]

Location: Lisle, France [MAP]
Designer: Nature
Project Type: Riverside
Completion Date: n/a
Visited: 21.07.2013
Access: via Car, free parking is provided

Beach RiverOn a hot summers day this riverside beach is a real treat to find.

Beach River Beach River Beach RiverThe beach area is great for small kids to play in the sand. The water side is fenced off to create a safe space to explore the water, plus there is a life guard to keep a watchful eye over proceedings.  Beach RiverThe cool refreshing waters instantly offer a break from the power of the sun. For those a little hesitant of the cold waters a helpful diving board offers a one way, no backing out option which is a little shocking but well worth the refreshing, invigorating feeling.Beach River Beach RiverSurrounded by trees and green space offer an idillic backdrop to spend a lazy afternoon and provides some shade from the afternoon sun.



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