Inzersdorf Graveyard [INZERSDORF, AUSTRIA]

Location: Inzersdorf-Getzersdorf, Austria [MAP]
Designer: Local Residence
Project Type: Cemetery, Rural
Completion Date: n/a
Visited: 24.07.2013
Access: Access via carpark on L5017 Dorf Straße. Please be mindful that this is a cemetery still in use by the local residence, so full discretion is advised and appreciated.

Cemeteries in popular culture are often associated with decay and death, a place where one buries their deceased loved ones with only an annual visit in their memory. They are often romanticised as large, grassy plots with old, decaying tombstones raising tall, and often skewed, from where they were originally perched. However that is not the case in Austria.


Here the graves are not only cared for, but are treated as gardens, a living tribute to our ancestors. Rather than visiting the deceased once a year on the anniversary of their death and leaving cut flowers that will wither and die within a few days, the burial plots are maintained and highly manicured by those still surviving, and that will also one day be buried there.

IMAG2371 IMAG2341

Some plots that are seen whilst walking through the aisles are beautifully decorated with annuals, perennials and evergreens so that the graves boast a beauty ranging through all seasons, but a quick glance at the tombstone heading might tell that there is space for a few more names, if any names are present at all.

IMAG2367 IMAG2342

Whether it is creepy or comforting to know where you will be after you die, the Inzersdorf Graveyard is a fine example of how a garden can immortalise the memory of your loved ones.

IMAG2366 IMAG2357



2 thoughts on “Inzersdorf Graveyard [INZERSDORF, AUSTRIA]

  1. Loving all the posts on Cemeteries, they make great Secret Gardens! I like this one because it seems so much more colourful and cheerful compared to the gothic Arnos Vale Cemetery and mysterious Wardsend Cemetery.

    • Thank you very much! They are very much indeed excellent secret gardens because people just take them for granted.and like you pointed out, they come in all sorts of flavours and varieties.


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