Dzogchen Community [MERIGAR, ITALY]

Location: Merigar, Italy [MAP]
Designer: Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
Project Type: Religious, Rural
Completion Date: The community was established in 1981, but construction on the Hall of Great Contemplation was finished in 1990, with the Great Stupa of Contemplation finished in 1998.¹
Visited: 09.08.2013
Access:  Access by car via small, rocky road from Aioli. Due south of Arcidosso.

In the heart of Tuscany lies the fire mountain residence, or Merigar, a small town home to the practice and teachings of Dzogchen from Tibet.¹ It is a small community, with little but the Great Stupa, Hall, Residence and Golden House, IMAG2609However the simple gardens within the property along with the surrounding landscape is absolutely stunning. A complete and harmonious contrast is set within the area, as the surrounding landscape to the Hall and Great Stupa as simplistic and natural in appearance, opening specifically prescribed views as one walks along the trail to and from the buildings.

IMAG2644 IMAG2625

This combined with the stunning background of the great Tuscan landscape creates a dazzling displace that will root you to the spot in awe. The Hall of Great Contemplation offers a wide patio space along with both visual and sensory beauty to aid in the practice of meditation.

IMAG2605 IMAG2594 IMAG2582 IMAG2590


Around the Great Stupa of Contemplation is planted many aromatic plantings as well to help bring practitioners to peace as they circumnavigate the Stupa meant to bring welfare and prosperity to the area in which it lies.¹



IMAG2631 IMAG2612 IMAG2571

Whether you are there to practice Dzogchen or visit, Merigar is something not to be missed, a hidden gem in the folds of the Tuscan countryside.



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