Location: Forio Coast, d’Ischia, Italy [MAP]
Designer: n/a
Project Type: Coastal, Ruins
Completion Date: n/a
Visited: 19.08.2013
Access: Via a staircase from SS270. Caution is advised as the only access is by rocks at the bottom of the staircase.

Set off the beaten path of the main highway in Ischia is a small gem the local community has enjoyed for many years. Steps leading down to the coast are hardly visible from the main walkway and can be easily missed if not properly looking for them.


And as you begin your descent, the staircase seems to lead towards the standard seaside boardwalk found in many coastal towns.


However as you step down onto the walk, it becomes apparent that the small stretch of walk abruptly ends, leading to seemingly nowhere.


But as you take the time to look around, it becomes apparent that the only way onward is by stepping off the beaten path onto halfway submerged rocks bubbling with undulating waves.


It is when you step down onto a ledge half underwater that you begin to see the locals propped up here and there along the rocky coast, their beach towels laid out to mark their own comfortable spot among the many sharp and jagged rock formations.


Here there is no path, or at least there are only fragments of what used to be an official footpath. A few years back this side of the coast suffered a landslide, damaging many bits of the path so that it became inaccessible, however that did not stop the locals. Rather than closing down or giving up hope, they shrugged off the problem and instead learned how to hop from one rock to the next in search for a private place to relax and take a dip.

ForioRockCoastIschia4 ForioRockCoastIschia6 ForioRockCoastIschia2

It is interesting, and extremely fascinating to catch a glimpse of the remaining structural pieces in the landscape while exploring the area to get a feel of what it might have once felt like.

ForioRockCoastIschia5 ForioRockCoastIschia3 ForioRockCoastIschia

Or if you’re just looking for a nice place to sit to watch the sun set.




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