Location: Bowery and Huston St [MAP]
Designer: Liz Christy and Community Group
Project Type: Public Garden
Completion Date: 1974
Visited: 13.08.13
Access: On foot, it’s a public park accessible to all during opening hours, sat – 12-4pm all year round, sun 12-4pm March – October, Tuesday & Thursday evenings 6pm – dusk May through September, any other times the gate is open.

Gorilla GardeningA great secret garden to stumble upon, The Liz Christy Garden down by Houston Street, New York lies where the streets are a bit wider, the buildings are more human scale, and the landscape more green. Here the city feels like it’s stretching and breathing.

Gorilla Gardening Gorilla GardeningLiz Christy was an original Guerrilla Gardener in the 70’s, responsible for window boxes and seed bombs, making a change to the environment through rebellious planting.

Gorilla GardeningThe Liz Christy Community Garden is a testament to people power, a derelict plot became a subject of interest to the gardening troop and eventually they contacted the city to gain permission to convert it into New York’s first community garden.

Gorilla GardeningThe garden acted like a catalyst in the community, they saw what could be done and wanted to get involved and spread the community spirit.

Gorilla GardeningThe garden is home to a pond with fish, turtles and multiple tropical species. Today it is still thriving, and is run by local volunteers.

Gorilla Gardening Gorilla Gardening Gorilla Gardening Gorilla Gardening Gorilla Gardening Gorilla Gardening Gorilla Gardening



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