San Gaetano Walk [Forio, Italy]

Location:  Vico San Gaetano, Forio d’Ischia, Italy [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Courtyard, Residential, Street
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 19.08.13
Access: Via a small covered passage way just off Medaglie d’Oro Piazza. Respect is advised as this is a private area.

Accessible only through a small side route barely visible from the main thorough way is a lovely and charming private corridor for residents who face out onto the space.

foriogardenwalkprivateentrance foriogardenentranceamazing

The thing that makes this place so captivating, though, is that the residents’ gardens have spilled out onto the walk surrounding their door, claiming space to let grow beautiful and amazing plants.

foriogardenprivatewalk foriogardendoor1

Though some are for show and decoration, productive plants such as corn and tomatoes are clearly visible to the passerby.



Some homes have their front doors open wide, allowing the music and rhythm of daily life to flow down and throughout the corridor, breathing soul into the surrounding area.


As you walk along the narrow winding way, you come towards the end, the sea beyond clearly visible over the top of a personalised wall connected to a home.


While a few residents’ choose not to use the space just outside their homes along the path, it is clear that this area is vibrant and beautiful, a gem among the everyday landscape.

foriogardenentrance1 foriogardenentrance



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