The Future of Home Living Exhibition [NEW YORK CITY, USA]

Location: 101st West 15th Street [MAP]
Designer: PSFK
Project Type: Ephemeral, Sustainable Technology
Completion Date: July 2013
Visited: 08.08.13
Access: On foot

The ‘Future of Home Living Exhibition’ is a visionary idea-sharing exhibition on how to integrate lifestyle demands and the urban environment of the ‘New Yorker’. It is made up of three main themes: Adaptive, On-Demand and Equilibrium.

‘Home Farming’ and ‘Purified Living’ use plants to provide possible solutions for future living. These allow busy people to benefit from and enjoy plants in their home environment.


The E22(1) Bitponics Gardening System, looks like something from a science class. A garden grows in large test tubes using cloud based technology to monitor the plants needs. Could you imagine this is your living room?

DSC_0075 DSC_0076 DSC_0086DSC_0077

E1(2) ‘Click and Grow’ offers a solution to those who forget to water their plants. It has built-in monitors to maintain correct water levels and nutrients, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the plants growing.


E16(3) Aquafarm combines the families fish tank and the herb garden to create a symbiotic relationship, known as aquaponics.


On finding these ‘Secret Gardens’, a wide array of new technology can be discovered.

The Secret Garden Atlas are blogging about the use of technology and vegetation from this exhibition as a report about what is happening and not an endorsement of the products displayed.




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