Corte Bigaglia [MURANO, ITALY]

Location:  Near Fondamenta Daniele Manin, Murano, Italy [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Courtyard, Residential
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 01.09.13
Access: Via a boat bus from Venice, Italy. Walk along the main canal until the courtyard comes up on the right hand side.

When one thinks of Murano, the initial thought is that for glass. However the tiny, tightly knit town of Murano just a 5 min boat journey from Venice has many beautiful secrets.


The entryway to the courtyard is so long that at first glance walking by you notice no green space. However a double take will show that there is indeed a small courtyard with homes facing onto the space.


Here there are small rectangular gardens that the residence maintain, running along the square in a geometrical pattern.

MuranoResidentialPlaza MuranoResidentialPlazaGardenBeds

Some are quite tame with few implementations, while others are large and vibrant, publicly identifying the personality types of the people who tend them.


A few residence sit outside and enjoy the relatively cool afternoon air, while others stop for a short break to admire the handy work of the residence.

MuranoResidentialPlazaGardenBeds2 MuranoResidentialPlazaGardenBedsAisle

If you are in Murano for some glass, why not take a short break to see a beautiful garden as well?

MuranoResidentialPlazaSwimGear MuranoResidentialPlazaGardenBedsCloseUp



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