Les Jardins du Muséum [TOULOUSE, FRANCE]

Location: Toulouse, France [MAP]
Project Type: Sustainable Technology, Urban Agriculture
Completion Date: 2013
Visited: 07.08.2013
Access: Take the red line north to Borderouge. From here it is a 5 min walk. There is a small entry fee (*2 euros on the date of visiting). Please take note that the gardens are closed during winter.

Les Jardins du Muséum is a new project which promotes sustainable, edible gardens from around the world. The muséum is located in the new residential district of Borderouge, North of the city, making it a further journey than other gardens in the city (hence its low entry fee of *2 euros). It is set within a new naturalistic park which is also well worth a visit whilst you are there.



Les Jardins du Muséum is made up of example gardens from Asia, Europe, the African-Mediterranean region, the Americas and the Tropics; showcasing a fascinating array of edible plants that can be grown around the world. It is a joy to see knobbly, miss-shapen tomatoes and alien-like squashes opposed to the unnaturally perfect vegetables we are used to seeing in the supermarkets.



A sustainable water drainage system runs through the site, firstly through an impressive water-wheel and reed bed, then through a series of elevated channels before cascading down into the gardens and central pond.





If you are a French speaker, be sure to book one of the free daily tours to find out more about the gardens. Also don’t forget to take all the family, it is a great educational day out for the children too!


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