Gothic District Neighbourhood Plaza [BARCELONA, SPAIN]

Location: Near Calle Sant Domènec del Call, Cardelona, Spain [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Courtyard, Public Square, Residential
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 05.09.13
Access: To the East of Las Ramblas, the Gothic District Neighbourhood Plaza is accessible by foot through a series of winding streets.

Set in the midst of the old Gothic District in Barcelona, Spain is this lovely, yet hidden gem. Built on the configuration of the old Gothic style, there sits modern high rises that form tight, narrow walkways.


However, while some may lie vacant at the bottom, a quick glance upwards tells that the vibrancy of each home spills out onto the balcony, creating a beautiful wall of color and texture.

BarcelonaCourtyardHomes BarcelonaCourtyardSaint

These winding ways lead unto the plaza where a few restaurants have set up tables and chairs for guests to sit outside and enjoy the scenery.

BarcelonaCourtyardGothicStyle2 BarcelonaCourtyardGothicStyle

There are people always constantly moving about and using the space, whether it is for a game of ball, a bite to eat, or just passing through. One can only imagine what the square is like on a holiday, when the residents might spills out onto the ground floor to enjoy each others company and celebrate in the festivities, though the space is just as colourful and vibrant on the most ordinary of days.

BarcelonaCourtyardAlleyway2 BarcelonaCourtyardAlleyway



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