Rue Crèmieux [PARIS, FRANCE]

Location: Quartier Quinze-Vingts, Paris [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Ephemeral, Residential, Street
Completion Date: 1865
Visited: 09.07.2013
Access: Open public space, easily accessible on foot. Close to the Gare de Lyon train station and metro stop.

Paris is celebrated for its beautiful streets including “the most beautiful avenue in the world”, Champs-Élysées, known for its luxurious shops, views of the Arch de Triomphe and hordes of tourists. However, if you are looking for something a little less crowded, take a tour à pied down some side streets and you will be sure to come across one of Paris’s many beautiful hidden streets. One good example is Rue Crèmieux; a pedestrianised residential road, which rests quietly behind the busy Avenue Ledru-Rollin. Although there are distinctly fewer luxury shopping opportunities here than on the Champs-Élysées, you will be sure to witness some true Parisian culture and lifestyle.

Rue Cremieux Rue Cremieux Rue Cremieux

The first thing you are sure to notice along this street is the brightly painted colours of the row houses; but it is the small painted details of ivy and sleeping cats which reveal its essential Parisian style. The bicycle lent carelessly against the wall, surrounded by over-flowing plants pots makes this street look like it could be the film set for the Parisian classic, Amélie. On the day of visiting there just happened to be a soirée to celebrate a residents birthday and a party of people where spilling out of the house, dining en plein air.

Rue CremieuxSociable StreetsSociable StreetsSociable Streets

The people who live here have taken ownership over their space by customising the colour of their houses, putting out plants and stringing up bunting over the street. This well-loved road has become an extension of the houses themselves, making you feel as if you are walking through someones outdoor living room as you pass by. What really animates this street and gives us a glimpse into the Parisian mode de vie is the people.

Sociable Streets

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