Lungo il Tevere [ROME, ITALY]

Location: Tiber River near Ponte Garibaldi, Rome, Italy [MAP]
Designer: Rome City Council
Project Type: Ephemeral, Riverside
Completion Date: N/A
Visited: 24.08.2013
Access: By ramp leading from Lungotevere degli Anguillara to the River Tiber. Festival runs from June 15th to September 1st.

A delightful surprise to stumble upon, Lungo il Tevere or Along the Tiber, was a festival that ran from June 15th to September 1st in 2013.

LungoilTevereRoma15 LungoilTevereRoma17 LungoilTevereRoma16

The festival featured many restaurants and exotic vendors in addition to entertainment such as foosball tables and bicyclists weaving their way in and out of the light trickle of traffic streaming along the river walk.

LungoilTevereRoma14 LungoilTevereRoma12 LungoilTevereRoma13

On arrival close to sunset, you will see a few vendors open paired with the odd tourist strolling about. However it is not until the sun has set that the festival becomes packed with people eager to taste and explore the many fine cuisines temporarily set along the Tiber.

LungoilTevereRoma11 LungoilTevereRoma10 LungoilTevereRoma9 LungoilTevereRoma8

There were even functions that premiered along the length of the festival, featuring everything from music performances to events.

LungoilTevereRoma6 LungoilTevereRoma5 LungoilTevereRoma4

Although the festival was quite a sight to see, there was no indication of its presence until you were crossing the bridge over the Tiber where the many white tented attractions became visible. Whether it is to buy a rare gift for a friend or to take a late night stroll, Lungo il Tevere was a truly memorable experience that was not to be missed.

LungoilTevereRoma3 LungoilTevereRoma2 LungoilTevereRoma1



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