Montjuïc Cemetery [BARCELONA, SPAIN]

Location: The North side of MountJüic, Barcelona [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Cemetery, Coastal, Religious
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 10.09.2013
Access: Walk, take the cable car or furnicular (which is on the metro line) up to MountJüic. Once at the top it is an approximately 20 minute walk to the far side of the mountain.

When visiting Barcelona, taking the cable car or furnicular up to Mount Jüic is a must to see the beautiful mountain-side gardens and architecture from the 1921 Olympic Games. Take a stroll up and over the other side of the mountain, past the botanical gardens (also well worth a look and a low entry fee) and you will see a series of dramatic, geometric, stone walls and terraces on the horizon.

Montjuïc Cemetery

Drawn in by this impressive, manmade feature, I discover it is in fact a vast cemetery with the cliff-like stone walls actually accommodating over a million burial sites, most of which are recessed into the walls in a grid-pattern.

Montjuïc Cemetery Montjuïc CemeteryMontjuïc Cemetery

Montjuïc Cemetery

Climbing up through the intimidating maze of terraces in complete silence, you will reach the highest terrace, where a stunning view is unveiled.

Montjuïc Cemetery

The other side of the mountain opens up on to the sea and lining its edge an industrial harbour; a face of Barcelona rarely seen. This impressive display of nature’s power meeting the man-made harbour forms a backdrop to the cemetery and perhaps even reveals a new perspective on both life and death.

Montjuïc Cemetery



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