Location: Seville, Spain [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Riverside
Completion Date: 2012
Visited: 11.09.2013
Access: Open

River edge Seville

The former River Gualagevar, was diverted to protect the city from flooding, leaving behind an unusually long, narrow, meandering ‘canal’. The past river is an extremely active corridor, used by people for running, walking the dog, socialising, rowing clubs are located here, play area, gym, graffiti artists, bands to practise etc. The character is also an eclectic mix, changing from hard concrete slabs (for fisher men/women) to grassy banks brimming with young people on a Saturday afternoon/evening.

River edge Seville

On a recent visit a new portion along the former river has been created. This oasis is full of planting, which for a Seville public ‘garden’ is a rare thing.

River edge Seville River edge Seville River edge Seville

There is a rhythm of vegetation and hard paving areas with a trellis alongside that spans the length. The hard paving space is home to water features and seating areas, which are attached to bars. This will bring people into the space, which is an integral part of the design.

River edge Seville River edge Seville River edge Seville River edge Seville River edge Seville

The trellis is covered by a climbing plant, which adds shade to the walkway, a much needed design requirement for the hot days in Seville. Benches can also be found here overlooking the river edge.