Granada Pomegranates – It’s all in the details [GRANADA, SPAIN]

Location: Throughout the city of Granada, Spain [MAP]
Designer: The city of Granada
Project Type: Detail
Completion Date: ongoing
Visited: 25.09.2013
Access: On foot throughout the city.

Granada is the Spanish word for pomegranate. The word pomegranate comes from the French pomme de Granada meaning the “apple of Granada”. The pomegranate is unsurprisingly the symbol of Granada, and its interwoven connection with the pink-seeded fruit can be seen throughout the city. Small pomegranate symbols are secretly placed on almost everything: bollards, water pipes, street signs, manhole covers, pottery and paving. Once you start looking for these hidden details, you will start to see them everywhere! Here are just a handful of secret pomegranate symbols that we discovered in the city:

pomegranates in granada

Next time you are in Granada we challenge you to find more!

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