Frosty Lake Michigan Walk [MILWAUKEE,USA]

Location: Near the Parking Lot off of N Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, WI, USA [MAP]
Designer: N/A
Project Type: Coastal, Ephemeral
Completion Date: N/A
Visited: 6.12.2013
Access: From a parking lot outside of Northpoint Custard. Show care when walking along the boulders.

At first glance the beautiful boulders lining the shores of Lake Michigan are not quite visible.


It seems as though the land stretches out towards the blue great lake, shimmering in a beautiful evening glow. But a more thorough search will reveal these hidden gems as they elegantly weave their way along the land and mix in with sandy beach. It is not hard to imagine the shores packed with weekend tourists during the summer months, but none would think to visit this beautiful stretch of land during the coldest parts of the year.


LakeMichiganFrostyWalk12 LakeMichiganFrostyWalk6

During the cold winter months the main body of Lake Michigan is still liquid, but with each pass upon the limestone boulders, a new layer of ice forms, creating a dazzling effect spotted all along the area as if jewels lay throughout the shoreline.

LakeMichiganFrostyWalk8 LakeMichiganFrostyWalk10 LakeMichiganFrostyWalk11 LakeMichiganFrostyWalk7

Even lake swept branches bare the icy mark as oddly shaped icicles form along their edge.


A crowd of birds gather further out into the water, filling the air with a crisp chatter. Though it may be cold, Lake Michigan gem not worth missing during the winter.

LakeMichiganFrostyWalk3 LakeMichiganFrostyWalk4



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