Location: Koh Wai [MAP]
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From Bangkok take the bus to Trat, followed by a boat ride to Koh Chang, a taxi to the south of the island and finally a boat to Koh Wai. (A long trip but well worth the journey) Koh Wai

Koh Wai, is this island the closest place to heaven on earth? This tiny island is relatively undeveloped except for a few resorts on the coastline. As you walk down the wooden jetty, you arrive at the main point of civilisation; the beach.

Koh Wai

On Koh Wai there is no electricity, only a generator that is on for a few hours in the evening. A true get away from today’s modern world rammed full of technology, so forget about your smart phone, emails, facebook, whatsapp….. all you need here is a good book and snorkel.

Koh Wai

Around the island are beautiful corals full of colourful fish. Hours of fun can be had in this captivating seascape, but remember to wear sun cream!

Koh Wai Koh WaiKoh Wai Koh Wai

Walking around the edge of the island, plenty of makeshift swings in trees can be found, perfect places to stop and admire the beautiful views.



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