The Train Tracks Hideaway [Oswego, USA]

Location: Next to the bridge near S Adams St and W Jackson St, Oswego, IL, USA [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Industrial Landscape, Natural Wonder, Riverside, Rural
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 07.04.2013
Access: Just off the Adam St bridge is a small dirt path that follows the creek towards the base of the library. Caution is advised as this area is sometimes flooded or slippery from the creek.

Set just off the beaten path of this suburban jungle is a breath taking natural hangout hidden from view.


The small dirt path nestled beside the Adams St bridge is hardly noticeable at first.


However as you venture forth down the riverside towards the railroad bridge, a completely different setting comes to view. The aged and weathered railroad bridge set amongst an outcropping of natural stone contrasts greatly with the new, polished infrastructure of the surrounding town.


Just underneath the tracks is a concrete bench with a few markings that show of visitors past.

TrainTracksHideaway13 TrainTracksHideaway12

While few rocky outcroppings are visible at first, as you continue along the creek, many more, grandiose shelves of limestone become apparent.

TrainTracksHideaway4 TrainTracksHideaway5 TrainTracksHideaway6

Here the vegetation is higher up along the hills flanking either side of the creek, allowing these magnificent structures to bare their full glory.

TrainTracksHideaway7 TrainTracksHideaway8

A few of the trees at the edge of these mini cliffs cling tight to their spots, showcasing the gnarled and twisted roots that act as anchors for both them and the cliff-side.


Whether it’s to hang out with a few friends, or enjoy the surroundings of nature, this small retreat is a treasure not to be missed.




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