The Secret Garden Atlas is a collective blog of 5 traveling authors with a background in Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Design. We write about *Secret Gardens as we discover, photograph and pinpoint them on The Atlas so you can go out and discover them for yourselves. We make sure that all written material and photographs are from first hand experiences, so we can be sure they are truly unique!

Last summer, we traveled through Europe, Asia and America, discovering lots of new *Secret Gardens and adding them to The Atlas. We have also put together special, seasonal guides and posts from guest authors around the world. We have *Secret Garden Explorers based in Australia, China, Europe and the US but we are continuously moving, traveling and expanding. Be sure to keep up to date and in contact via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or follow our blog.

We are always looking to collaborate with others, so if you are a writer, blogger, explorer, traveler, website owner, designer, entrepreneur or business, please contact us (thesecretgardenatlas@gmail.com) to discuss how we could work together.

*Our definition of a Secret Garden
Secret: Undiscovered/lesser-known/hidden
Garden: Urban/rural space, landscape, nook or cranny



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