Carrer de Comte [TARRAGONA, SPAIN]

Location: Carrer de Comte, Tarragona [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Street, Residential, Ephemeral, Detail
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 29.08.2013
Access: Open public space, easily accessible on foot.

Tarragona could fill anyone’s weekend visit with a tireless tour of museums, galleries and visits to roman relics. However if you are looking for a break from the queueing, ticket collecting and gift shops, take a wander through the maze of narrow streets in the old town and you may come across the shabby, residential, back street of ‘Carrer de Comte’. This street, also known as ‘Carrer del pilons’ (Street of bollards) modestly showcases a refreshing example of guerrilla artwork.


Like many of the narrow streets of the old town, ‘Carrer de Comte’ is lined with rows of bollards to prevent cars from parking and blocking the roads. With no sign or plaque offering an explanation, each bollard proudly wears a unique piece of street art which has been painted or even collaged. From detailed illustrations to children’s doodles, each bollard reveals the individual character of its anonymous artist.


20130930-185316.jpgAfter further research, it is revealed that ‘Carrer del Pilons’ is a product of a community art project which each year invites local people to paint a bollard at an annual festival held in the street. The event is extremely popular, resulting in locals queuing around the block to get a chance to make a mark on their neighbourhood.

The ‘Pylon Parade’, as it is known, has given this previously dreary street, a touch of colour, charm and craziness.

Carrer de comte

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