Saxon Mill Fields [Leamington Spa, UK]

Location: Leamington Spa UK [MAP]
Designer: Unknown
Project Type: Rural
Completion Date: Unknown
Visited: 15.06.2014
Access: To enjoy the walk, make your way to Guy’s Cliff Avenue, where parking is available, and walk between an old coach house and a kids play area, under a railway bridge and on into the fields. Alternatively head to Saxon Mill Pub and walk out the back.

Saxon Mill

This warwickshire secret garden, is full of beautiful scenery and historic buildings. It leads you to the glorious Saxon Mill Fields, vast green land, where crops of wheat are being cultivated, a captivating view. The complexity and colour of each grass individually is a beautiful detail alone, but on mass created these mesmerizing greeny brown patterns that swayed in the breeze. Easy to watch for hours.

Saxon Mill

But it gets better, the path ways that cut through the fields draw your eye towards the horizon. At the field boundaries are the traditional hedgerows, with large oak trees, dominating the skyline. With an inky sky or colourful lighting, the landscape takes on a dramatic feeling.

Saxon MillSaxon Mill

Saxon Mill

There are a number of history buildings on route, Old Milverton Church and Guys Cliffe Haunted House- built 1750s – hospital in world war 1 and 2, school for evacuated children. A foot bridge allows crossing of The River Avon which is packed full of wild life, large colourful fish can be seen lazily swimming in the waters. Sat upon the river is the Saxon Mill, a former mill (mentioned in the Dooms Day Book). Now a popular pub, still with a working water mill, a great place to end this beautiful walk.



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